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We appreciate your desire to support Huggy Wuggy S (HWS) via contributions. We welcome authors and guest writers who have a strong interest in the subjects we cover and who want to impart their wisdom to our readership. Please read and accept the following Write for Us Terms & Conditions before submitting your work.

Content Requirements

Originality: All material submitted, including that from your own blog or website, must be unique and unpublished elsewhere. Copyright violation and plagiarism are strictly forbidden.


The themes and subjects addressed on HWS should be relevant to the stuff you write about. To get an idea of the kind of information we produce, please have a look at our website.


We make an effort to keep our material up to par. Submissions must be well-written, error-free, and provide our readers insightful or useful information.


Articles should aim to be at least 900 words long, although reaching a word limit should not take precedence over providing insightful material.

Submission Process Pitch:

We recommend you to give a quick pitch that highlights your subject, main ideas, and how it fits with the theme of our website before submitting a complete article. Within a day of reviewing your proposal, we will provide comments or approval.


Sending in a pitch does not ensure that it will be published. Submissions that do not adhere to our rules or the content strategy of our website may be rejected at our discretion.


When your article appears on HWS after your pitch is accepted. You may reprint the information elsewhere after this time as long as you give HWS due credit.

Ownership and Copyright

Ownership: You give HWS, by submitting your work, a non-exclusive, permanent, royalty-free, global permission to publish, reproduce, distribute, display, and alter it in any medium, including print and digital.

Author credit:

For every piece that is published, we will provide the proper author credit. Please submit your work with a brief bio attached.

Editorial Rights Editing:

We value your writing style, but our editorial staff may need to make changes for formatting, punctuation, and clarity, or to make sure the material fits the tone and aesthetic of our website.

Material Removal:

If any material is found to be in violation of our policies, to infringe upon copyright, or for any other reason, Ash maintains the right to delete or unpublish it at any time, without prior warning.


Self-Promotion: In your author bio, you may include pertinent connections to your own website, blog, or social network accounts. Nevertheless, it is not allowed to promote oneself inside the article’s body.

Social Media Sharing:

We invite you to use your social media accounts and other platforms to share your published work.


You agree to release and keep harmless HWS, its owners, editors, and affiliates from any claims, liabilities, or costs resulting from the publishing or distribution of your work by submitting it to HWS.


You confirm that you have read, comprehended, and agree to be bound by these Write for Us Terms & Conditions by submitting your work to HWS.

For any inquiries about the Write for Us procedure or if you are prepared to submit your pitch, please get in touch with us at huggywuggys786@gmail.com

We appreciate you thinking of HWS as a venue to impart your wisdom to our community. We are excited to work together with you!